Celebrating 4 years as editor of Al Arabiya English


Rather than celebrating during the annual Suhoor which has been the norm, I find myself this year celebrating the Al Arabiya English continues success in a different way.

I am currently just finishing a tour with a senior Saudi delegation headed by HRH the Deputy Crown Prince which included Washington DC, New York and Paris, France. Throughout this tour I got to report at great lengths on the exclusive deals and MoUs being signed as part of Saudi Arabia’s national transformation plan.

But to be honest, I am also truly overwhelmed by the recognition I am getting for Al Arabiya English in all of these major cities as our stories, columnists and brand name are top of mind when it comes to news and analysis from the Middle East. So I take this opportunity to thank my amazing team, particularly those who were with me from the beginning (Noelle – Eman – Dina – Farwa – Sharif – Shounaz – Sarah Sfeir) and the new comers (Ismaeel – Tarek – Rawa – Asma – Peter – Ammar – Ehtesham – Krishna – Leila) our phenomenal columnists around the world and freelancers who have made Al Arabiya English what it is today, we couldn’t have done it with out you.

As you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, to all those who didn’t wish me and my team well… Oh well… Check out the main image of this blog post :)!