Arab Social Media Summit 2015


Did I ever mention that I am a social media addict? (Hyper-active on Twitter!) I believe I did, yes.

Well, not only did I participate in the recently held #ArabSMIS, I was also invited to be a part of a panel discussion at the Social Media Summit two days ago! It was a great pleasure to have shared the stage with Abeer al-Najjar, Assistant Professor at the American University of Sharjah, and Caroline Faraj, Dubai Chief Operations Director at CNN Arabic.

See, the thing with social media is that it is a strong trend in the society. Well, some even think it’s an important part of the daily human lifestyle. But how do we see it in the media industry? How does it help in information dessmination?

Honestly, I believe, essentially, nothing has changed in the way story telling should be done, apart from maybe the tool used. Social media was just an addition to the long list of tools journalists use to gather information and do a write up. The main job description remains, and that is to stop worrying about cheating Google, stop worrying about algorithms, story worrying about keywords etcetera. Just do your job. And our job as journalists is to produce quality content.

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