First book ever: Arabi Englizi officially launched at the Arab Media Forum


It’s true what they say about publishing a book; it’s like giving birth to a child.

I have never been scared and excited at the same time in my life until yesterday at the Arab Media Forum. I felt jittery and jumpy. I kept asking my assistant if everything was in order. I am a hands-on boss and yesterday I drove Noelle nuts.

I’ve been to conferences, stood up in front of VIPs and moderated my own sessions, but this is the first time I’ll be speaking about a personal project – my book: Arabi Englizi, a story of London through Arab eyes – in front of others. A few of my closest friends knew about the project and they all know how hard I’ve been working for this.
FJA and OO

I had no idea I will receive a tremendous turn out from everyone at the Arab Media Forum. My mentor and one of the greatest in the world of Arab Journalism, Mr. Othman Al Omeir, came to introduce me and I in turn said a few words to welcome everyone.

I am pleased to say that 150 of the book copies vanished into thin air, and I couldn’t thank everyone for their support – so if you are reading this and you have a copy of the book in your hand, enjoy!

To those interested in getting their hands on the book, you may check out our website: