Gulf News


According to the 2012 Arab Media Outlook report which was produced  by the Dubai Press Club (DPC), Gulf News – in both its print and online versions – is the most read newspaper in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Known for being among the leading regional English dailies, Gulf News was founded in 1978 and is privately-owned by the UAE’s Al-Nisr Publishing LLC.

Faisal J. Abbas writes a monthly column for Gulf News, where he tackles pan-Arab, Gulf and international affairs.


  • Rotherham: When excuse is uglier than the sin – Sept. 2nd 2014. Asian-Muslim communities in the UK must distance themselves from the sick individuals who have committed such atrocious crimes
  • Powering the Dubai success story – June 16th 2014. As a recent survey rightly picks Dubai as the best tourist destination in terms of hotels and shopping, it is time to focus on further developing the cultural experience of being in the emirate
  • Between ‘hammer attack’ and the anvil of British press – April 17th 2014. Any media outlet has the right to address any issue, but there are ethics and best practices that must be taken into consideration
  • Obama will have his plate full in Riyadh – March 22nd 2014. The summit could very well be monumental in its own way and forge a new long-lasting relationship that relies on common beliefs and a greater good
  • ‘Say something good, or nothing at all’ – Oct. 11th 2013. The issue with many clerics is that they do become over-zealous and do not understand that apologising for their mistakes only garners them more respect and this is where government, religious authorities and society need to interfere
  • Be positive about a two-state solution – August 5th 2013. The Middle East peace process has frequently been more process than peace, but even the slim possibility of success makes it a worthwhile pursuit given the negative repercussions of doing nothing
  • Once you tweet, you can’t retreat  –  Feb 14th 2012. On the heels of the Kashgari case, we have to think about the outcome and consequences of what we post online .
  • Who will pay for nine years of bloodshed? – December 24th, 2012. There must be a serious reassessment of the war, its causes and outcomes, so justice can be done and lessons learnt
  • Lebanon’s Twitter dawn – November 11th, 2011 – The social media website got its ‘moment’ recently thanks to activity generated by both the current and former prime ministers.
  • Internet an opportunity, not a threat to newspapers – July 8th, 2011. Editors who blame the web for declining circulation must understand they’re in ‘news’ business
  • Egyptians will not be silenced – June 15th, 2011. Freedom of expression is a right, not a reward that the military council can grant or revoke at will
  • Israel’s democracy rings hollow – October 8th, 2010 . Video of Palestinian woman prisoner proves it is difficult to cover up atrocities in the modern age