My interview with CNN on the YouGov/Arab News poll on US elections


I am pleased to say that we have received good feedback on the YouGov/Arab News poll on the recent US elections.

The poll, which was conducted online in 18 countries between October 14 – October 21, showed  that most believe Hillary Clinton to be the best choice for US president — but are aligned with Donald Trump on some of his most controversial stances.

Clinton emerged as the most popular of the two candidates, with 44 percent of Arab respondents saying they would vote for her, and 78 percent saying she would be the best for the Arab world. But a surprising 47 percent said they would snub both candidates — suggesting widespread dissatisfaction with the election frontrunners.

Arab News was quoted for the report and I am pleased to announce that I was invited to speak on CNN about the matter. My interview can be viewed below:

To view the Arab News story of the poll: