A rendezvous with Kate Fox, author of “Watching the English”


Today I finally met Kate Fox, author of British best-selling book “Watching the English”.

I came across this book – which I read over and over – when I first moved to London back in 2004. It was instrumental back then in helping me adapt and understand my new society which I got to live in and love for nearly a decade before moving to Dubai to work with Al Arabiya.

“Watching the English” provides great insight into Englishness and dwells into the otherwise little known cultural grammar and hidden etiquette of British society. It is also a big inspiration for my own upcoming book which is tentatively called “London through Arab Eyes”.

I want to utilize this opportunity to thank Kate for welcoming me at her home in Oxford, for the so very English – and delicious – carrot cake and tea, her time and insights… Not to mention that I finally got my copy – and the latest edition of the book – signed by her.